Senior Savings! 65+ Discount

I founded Be Phenomenal Wellness Company with my grandpa who at the time was retired, going into business with him was years that will remain special to me and have an impact on the rest of my life. My grandfather Paul Peterson was one of the strongest and most hard working people I have ever met, he continued to workout everyday up until his passing. My grandfather taught me a few important life lessons, one lesson I will remember for the rest of my life. The first lesson he taught me through observing him is that retirement does not mean we get to be lazy and lay around, we must always work and have a mission to feel alive, my grandfather loved bottling tinctures and folding packaging boxes… and he did it faster than anyone. The second lesson he taught me that I will share with you is that “the best medicine is a daily workout”. He believed that the best way to deal with most of life’s problems and hard times was through working out which builds mental strength along with all the health benefits. 

As a way of helping seniors who want to use Be Phenomenal Wellness Company products we offer 10% Savings using code: LivePhenomenal at checkout. Thank you for supporting Be Phenomenal Wellness Company and feel free to share an important lesson you have learned in your life with us below!