LEVEL 2 DISTILLED Full Spectrum Tincture


Our Level 2 Distilled Full Spectrum Tincture is the next step above level 1 and contains 600mg per bottle with 20mg per dropper. We lab tested every product before it hits the shelf and use only premium quality ingredients.

  • 600mg Distilled Full Spectrum CBD per bottle
  • 20mg CBD per dropper
  • Olive Oil
  • Lab Tested
  • Made in USA
  • Family Owned

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Be Phenomenal Wellness Co. new DISTILLED line is a potent blend of Cannabinoids purified for flavor and purity. Level 2 Distilled Full Spectrum Tincture starts with CBD Hemp biomass that is extracted for the cannabinoids and beneficial cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds before undergoing rigorous filtration steps with the final step of the Distilled oil being Fractional Distillation which targets key compounds in hemp through heat and vacuum pressure to achieve pure oil containing on average 75% Cannabinoids. We then craft the different LEVELS for unique potency ratios for customers to find the LEVEL that performs best for their situation.

Our LEVEL 2 DISTILLED Full Spectrum Tincture formula contains: Distilled Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil, and Olive Oil (carrier oil).

600mg CBD per 30 ml bottle

20mg CBD per 1ml dropper

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