3000mg ISO Tincture


Have you been looking for a super strength CBD product made with the best ingredients? Look no further, our 3000mg ISO Tincture has 100mg of CBD per dropper and is made with 99%+ pure CBD isolate and olive oil. This product contains ZERO THC. Every product is lab tested so you know that what you’re receiving has exactly what’s stated on the label. You are phenomenal and deserve the best.

  • 3000mg of Isolate CBD per bottle
  • 100mg of CBD per dropper
  • Olive Oil
  • 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate
  • Lab Tested
  • Premium Quality Ingredients

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Our 3000mg ISO Tincture is formulated with 99%+ Pure CBD isolate, proudly grown and processed in the US. Our CBD isolate goes through a number of stages of processing to achieve a highly purified CBD isolate powder. The first stage starts as hemp CBD biomass which is Co2 extracted utilizing super critical extraction techniques which then goes through a number of filtration steps including chromatography to remove remaining THC and impurities, once our CBD is isolated, it then goes through a process of breaking down the crystalline into a fine powder to maximize the absorption rate when ingested. CBD isolate tinctures are highly recommended to users seeking a product with no detectable amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in 3rd party COA (Certificate of Analysis) lab reports. 

Our 3000mg ISO Tincture contains just two ingredients: 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate, and Olive Oil (carrier oil).

3000mg CBD per 30ml bottle

100mg CBD per 1ml dropper

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