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Family Owned Small Town Business


Cannabis is something I have believed in and wanted to be a part of my entire life. At first all of my family were against it, none of my family members used cannabis or CBD. I kept on chasing my passion and educating myself on the plant and its benefit, it would give me so much inspiration seeing people benefit from using the plant for various reasons and getting awesome results. My family started to slowly come around to it and accept it as something that is a great thing and support me in my dream. My grandpa has always been a big inspiration in my life and joined me in building Be Phenomenal Wellness Company toward the end of 2017 along with another close family friend who has always been a great inspiration and role model for my life. We started selling our first products at the beginning of 2018.



The foundation of our company is having the best quality products backed by 3rd Party Lab Reports.



Treating everyone with respect and delivering friendly and helpful service.



Our products and branding is 100% original and created in house. 

“Your imagination is everything. it is the preview to Life's coming attractions."

Albert Einstein 

Learning new skills to grow

Start of
The Journey

Planning my vision for Be Phenomenal Wellness Company and our mission to change 1 million lives in our first year was wishful thinking for someone who had never ran an eCommerce business. I knew cannabis/ hemp and how to make an amazing product, what I did not know what how to get our products to the people who need them. It was a rough start especially being that no one would allow us to advertise and the fact that I have always been an introvert so I struggle putting myself out there on social media. I knew I needed to break out of my shell and start building our presence locally and online so I started to learn more and more about social media and running a website. People started using our products and everyone really liked them, I found it worked better for my personality to start by meeting with local store owners one on one to have them sell our products to their customers, this really helped us grow in Michigan. I continued to learn more about social media and we found faster and faster ways of getting orders out to customers, we are known for fast delivery times. The start of our journey was filled with bumps in the road and disappointments which taught me a lot about the journey. The journey is not about shooting to the top without any struggle, it is about learning and growing, and the only way to do that is by just starting and figuring things out along the way. Prospering and Growing is what it means to Be Phenomenal.

our customers are our family and deserve

phenomenal service


Treating you like family is a part of our vision

We have all been treated like crap by people and companies, and to say the least it is not a good feeling and can rewind our entire day. We never want you to feel that way with us, we will treat you with the respect you deserve and hope that respect is spread mutually so we can all enjoy our day. When we founded Be Phenomenal we did not want to be like any other company, we wanted to start from scratch and utilize our family values in many aspects of our business, treating people with respect is something we should all do everyday, even on the hard days to make the world a more enjoyable place for us all to share.

get to know each other

We don't ever want you to feel like you cannot personally talk to a member of our team. If you reach out to us by email, we will email you or call you back.

We are here to Serve you

Our products are made to help you, we will always be here to assist you with how to use them and which product is best for you.


If our products do not work for you and you feel you got nothing from using them, reach out to us and we will help you or give you a refund.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

where we are going in


As we continue to gain momentum, our vision will come alive. We have a vision to be much more than another CBD company or another supplement company. We will be an herbal health products brand unlike any other the world has ever seen. We want to help people with the best herbal extracts and products which will be formulated and manufactured to the highest standard, using only ingredients that have purpose and performance. As we grow our company we want to help other small businesses by supporting family farms for key ingredients and support US business by sourcing from US suppliers, rather than the cheapest suppliers which most companies choose to use. We call this ‘Growing with Purpose’ and it will make our community and country stronger, and will help families like ours able to keep pursuing their vision as well. We will be more than a products company, we will be building a community of people to help change the way we think about a health by educating each other, sharing our stories, and ways we can conquer physical and mental health without the use of chemicals. 

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Our hemp is grown by family farms 200 acres and smaller across America, never sourced out of the US. We believe in supporting US business and growing stronger as a country together.

Our hemp is grown using organic agriculture practices without the use of pesticides. We will soon have organic certifications from all the hemp we source.

All of our CBD products are tested by The Spott Labs in Portage, Michigan a ISO accredited, state licensed laboratory. You can find a link in our drop down menu for lab reports or search lab reports on our site search bar.

Once the raw hemp goes through processing turning the raw hemp into an extract, we then make the raw extract into our different products at Be Phenomenal Wellness Company. 

As a small business we do not have a large staff, the best way to contact us is through our contact form or email We will always get back to you within 48 Hours. If it is an urgent matter than give us a call at 269-331-6300. 

We started by offering only hemp CBD products but it has always been our goal to offer a range of herbal products that we believe in. We offer herbal supplements, a range of CBD products, apparel, Kratom, and we will continue to build on our products offering and innovate new products as we grow our company. Offering only products we believe in.

Be Phenomenal Wellness Company was chosen as our name to inspire our customers and supporters in our brand to Be Phenomenal. Be Phenomenal is a statement that means ‘Be your best version of yourself, treat people with respect, make the world a better place, help others, be healthy..’ Our mission is to make the world a better, healthier place.

We have a tab on our main menu where you can learn more about our products as well as product descriptions on each of our products that will be helpful in choosing the right product for you. If you need any further assistance you can reach out to us at and we will get to you as soon as possible.