Our Membership Explained

We appreciate everyone who supports our business and enjoys our products, as a way to show our appreciation we started working on our membership program. After going to the drawing board and coming up with different ideas we decided it was best to keep it simple then expand on the idea as our brand grows. It is free to join our membership program and it is a point based rewards system. After creating your account by clicking here, you will be rewarded with points for every order that can be used for future purchases. We will occasionally do giveaways and other fun things for members. Over time we will be expanding our membership to offer more for members and build a community of people focused on health and personal development. 

Earn points every order

Every product will allow you to earn points and occasionally there will be specials on certain products and packages to earn extra points

Points are used on future orders

You can save them or use them on your next order, points are used toward your purchase on our site. You can save enough points to pay for your entire purchase or use them for savings!

track your order

Through the membership account you can easily track your order, view points, view past orders, and much more.

support & stay up to date

Through membership account page you can easily contact us and manage your setting for receiving news, updates, and more through email.

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